About Keith

I'd like to tell you I've been keen on  photography since I was a kid, when I first picked up my dad's old Voigtlander and photographed the ferns in the walled back garden of my granny's basement flat in Edinburgh. Alas, while granny Proven had a lovely basement flat in Stockbridge where ferns grew abundantly in the shade of the scullery wall, there was no Voigtlander and no childhood epiphany. 

Fast forward to 1979 and Edinburgh College of Art. I purchased my first serious camera, an Olympus OM 1n, for use in the 1st year course work. I enjoyed taking pictures, but it just became a tool, a means to collect source material for my design course. And when I graduated four years later as a jeweller, the camera was basically dispatched to the cupboard. I'll save you the pain of reading the 'eclectic' career path (including deck-hand on a trawler, labourer, marketing manager...) which led to a return to jewellery design, graphic design and photography for a Scottish jewellery company.

Taking all jewellery photography for the company website and designing and photographing all product for catalogues and point of sale, was a great schooling in the use of a digital camera and Photoshop. And when after 10 years I found myself redundant, it seemed only natural to take what I'd learned of light and shade, of depth and colour and translate it into a hobby that might lead to something more... tangible. OK, the tangible has yet to happen but as hobbies go, it's pretty all-consuming!

The old OM 1n (yes it's still around and still in the cupboard) has been replaced by an Olympus OMD E-M1, E-M5ii and a selection of lenses that is always one less than I feel I need! My photography has matured almost as quick as I have and I always feel I'm on a learning curve, somewhat nearer the bottom than the top.

So, thanks for visiting my wee site. I hope you enjoy flicking through my galleries and if there's anything you'd like to buy/use get in touch. Prints are available on high quality photo-paper, canvas or on aluminium in sizes to suit.


I plan to blog about what I'm up to (photographically speaking) on a semi-regular basis and start offering some basic photography courses in and around Fife.